Meet Jovantae Holloway!

I started off as a children’s therapist to help kids with trauma feel seen and understood. Growing up Black and Vietnamese in LA, I knew the challenges of fitting in and figuring out who I was. I saw college as a way to escape the hardships I endured at school, in my neighborhood, and at my own home.

In college, I tried to get recognition by being perfect: mature, fun, and unique. While it was exciting to be around a new crowd of people, I still worried about others’ perceptions. Over time, I grew into a cranky adult who worried about everything and envied those who had better lives.

It wasn’t until a few years of being a therapist and seeing the growth of my clients that inspired me to be authentic, free like a child, and remove societal narratives from my life. I live my own story now, not the ones I felt I needed to live. I no longer see the future as a way to escape the past.

Eventually I began seeing adults and met several clients who struggled with prioritizing themselves: mothers, wives, oldest siblings, 1st generation people of color, men who experience shame, people who were bullied. The ones that overcame anxiety and improved their self-esteem had two things in common: they redefined their sense of self-worth (outside of independence) and they allowed themselves to show up authentically in their relationships.

I truly believe people who struggle social anxiety and childhood trauma can learn to prioritizing themselves and be in more fulfilling relationships where they can be genuinely seen. I want to help make that happen.

Some things that make me unique include: having a background with polyamory, ENM and kink; being multi-racial; practiced musician; competitive video-gaming.

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